SSI SCHAEFER is shaping the future of intralogistics 

SSI SCHAEFER is the world’s leading provider of warehousing and logistics systems developing and implementing industry-specific solutions for customers’ unique challenges. 

SSI SCHAEFER’s portfolio includes manual and automated solutions for warehousing storage, conveying, picking and sorting. 

SSI SCHAEFER covers the whole of Australia and New Zealand through our offices, national field service team and installation managers and network of Distributors.



Storage Solutions

    • Pallet Rack Systems
    • Small Load Containers
    • Mezzanine

Conveying & Transport
    • Automated Guided Vehicles
    • Conveyers
    • Overhead Conveyers 

    • Paperless Picking
    • Semi-Automated Picking
    • Automated Order Picking

    • Paper Handling Systems
    • Container Handling Systems
    • Depalletising and Palletising
    • Schaefer Scan Machines


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