Blokepedia is a Brisbane-based organisation that works with business and communities across Australia.

Blokepedia is a social enterprise that works alongside business and community to deliver programs, events and online services that empower and support men to optimise their social, emotional and physical health. 

It is our mission to create positive change for men, their families and the community through opportunities for connection, learning, and individual development.



    • Increase awareness of mental health
    • Improve emotional health and wellbeing
    • Understand how to navigate change
    • Tools and supports for men to manage their mental health

Online Learning

      • Fatherhood
      • Dealing with Change
      • Mental Health
      • Healthy Lifestyles 
      • Social Connection


      • Listen to experts 
      • Relaxed, social environment for participants 
      • Hear from people who have experienced some of life’s challenges

    Online Programs

      • Increase awareness of mental health
      • Help seeking behaviours in men
      • Education on skills required for increased social connection and a healthier lifestyle
      • Awareness of resources for improving emotional health and wellbeing



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