ASCI is a not-for-profit organisation passionate about professionalising supply chain management so that a standard level of qualification, certification and experience is recognised and accepted by industry. As the Professional Accreditation Body, we are the first in the world to have developed a Professional Accreditation Scheme that complies with a Professional Standards Authority.

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Accreditation provides the following for Industry:
    • Establish standards to enhance quality in the supply chain workforce
    • Enhance public trust and confidence in supply chain management
    • Standardise roles, knowledge, abilities and pathways
    • Increase awareness of career paths
    • Facilitate recruitment and retention by employers
    • Establish a shared set of values, culture, ethos, and mindset
Accreditation provides the following for Individuals:
    • Establish a Professional Accreditation Scheme with industry-relevant Registration streams
    • A Continued Professional Development (CPD) Program
    • Guide the behaviour of practitioners in supply chain
    • Enhance the status of the supply chain occupation
    • Enable compliance with regulatory or legal requirements

Professional Accreditation Scheme

The Professional Accreditation Scheme provides:

    • Closed Membership with registration requirements (Registrants must comply with defined criteria)
    • Formal professional recognition of competence through the confirmation and acknowledgement to the individual, and by implication, to the industry, of his/her career achievements against an industry accepted, globally aligned set of standards, on par with other professional disciplines in industry
    • Professional commitment and ethical credentials providing an enhanced professional status with improved career prospects and employability
    • Membership protection through the professional structures underlying the accreditation scheme
    • Commitment to an Ethics Management Program and Continuous Professional Development against an Industry Knowledge Base.

As the Accreditation Body for Supply Chain Management, Australasian Supply Chain Institute has a dual role towards both the Industry and its Registrants:
    • For Industry: As the trusted authority for supply chain management in Australia
    • For Registrants (professionals and practitioners): Maintain and continuously refine a Professional Accreditation Scheme, and, provide ongoing support via a Continuous Professional Development program for registrants to maintain their registration.


There are two categories of registration:

Practitioner Registration:

To register as a Registered Practitioner, eligibility is required and is assessed against a set of criteria. Note, this is an evidence-based submission, not a certification or qualification that requires an examination. 

Professional Registration

    • Professional Supply Chain Manager (PRSCM) – Not currently available


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