Reliance Chemicals Australia are driven by a strong desire to formulate and manufacture only the highest quality hygiene and cleaning chemicals. As a family-owned business, we’ve invested over 25 years into research and development as a means of continually improving and perfecting our craft. Well-known for our flexible services, we supply cleaning products that are suited to; 

    • Commercial and Residential Cleaners
    • Hospitality Industry 
    • Automotive Industry 
    • Industrial  
    • Mining Industry

We supply to locations around Australia, New Zealand, and the Pacific Islands



    • Heavy Duty Degreaser
    • Solvent Degreaser
    • Engine Coolant 93%
    • Car Wash and Wax
    • Truck Wash and Wax
    • Water Based Tyre Shine
    • Silicon Based Tyre Shine
    • Leather and Vinyl Protector
    • Bug and Interior Cleaner
    • Air Freshener
    • Decarboniser
    • Low Foam Spray Wash Detergent
    • Hand Cleaner (for Mechanical and Industrial)


Property Photo 1
Property Photo 1